• FSCS sets 2013/14 levy at £285m, down from £311m

    18th April 2013

    The FSCS Annual Levy is down from £311m this year. Find out how we are limiting our costs to become more efficient.

  • Update for customers of Rockingham Independent Limited

    28th February 2013

    The FSCS will soon be contacting individuals who have brought claims against Rockingham in relation to ARM investment. Individuals who have not heard from us should contact us.

  • FSCS Litigation

    26th February 2013

    The FSCS is aware of recent media reports purporting to describe the terms of a confidential settlement entered into between FSCS and Lighthouse (and its Appointed Representatives) in connec

  • FSCS publishes its Plan and Budget 2013/14

    6th February 2013

    Total levies of £311m and PPI claims increase The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) today publishes its Plan and Budget: 2013/14, which provides its early assumptions about future cl

  • Interim levy truing up complete – new invoices being sent out to firms on 31 January

    29th January 2013

    The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is sending levy invoices to firms after finishing the "truing-up" process for the 2010/11 interim levy. Following rebates on the 2010/11 lev

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