FSCS Update - Honister Partners Capital in Default

16th May 2013

Treatment of claims previously rejected against Honister Capital

Honister Capital, which includes IFA networks Sage Financial (HILLI), Honister Partners (HONPA), and Burns Anderson (BANDE), entered administration on 3 July 2012. These firms have all now been declared in default .

Clients of Sage Financial, Honister Partners, and Burns Anderson, and those who were clients of the appointed representatives who believe they have a claim against Honister Capital or their connected entities (including those who previously had their claim rejected by the FSCS) are now being asked to contact FSCS so that their claim can be reconsidered.


UCIS claims

The administrators have confirmed that unregulated collective investment scheme (UCIS) sales were carried out by the appointed representatives of Honister Capital.

Any customers of these firms who believe that they were mis-sold a UCIS investment should also contact FSCS to make a claim.