Lemma Insurance Europe Ltd update

1st February 2013

On 24th January 2013, the Supreme Court of Gibraltar made an order winding-up Lemma Europe Insurance Company Limited (in Liquidation) ("the Company") and appointed Frederick David John White to act as the Company's liquidator ("the Liquidator").

The Court has given the Liquidator permission to disclaim contracts under which the Company is liable as insurer or reinsurer, and the Liquidator has done so by signing a Notice of Disclaimer before the Court at the hearing on 24th January. A copy of the Notice of Disclaimer can be found by following the link below.
The Liquidator’s Contact details are as follows:

Name:    Frederick David John White
                Grant Thornton (Gibraltar) Limited
                6A Queensway
                P.O Box 64

Tel: +350 200 45502
Fax: +350 200 51071
Email: lemma@gi.gt.com
Website: www.grantthornton.gi