Latest update on Hartmann Capital Ltd

27th June 2014

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is continuing to work with the special administrators of Hartmann Capital Limited, in order to make compensation payments as soon as possible. 

Client Equities

The special administrators have or will return client equities to claimants (or their nominated brokers) once their claim to client equities has been agreed and relevant costs have been paid to the special administrators.

If you have a query about your client equity returns/transfers, you should contact the special administrators on 020 7456 9100 or 020 7767 2625 or

We are working with the special administrators to determine whether there is any compensation due in relation to client equities.

Client Monies

You should have received notification of your reconciled balance from the special administrators. Once you have agreed this, and the special administrators have returned the balance of funds to you, FSCS will make a payment of compensation which will be based on data received from the special administrators.

This payment will be the compensatable amount of your agreed cash balance, as determined by our Rules and subject to our compensation limit of £50,000 per person.

It is anticipated that FSCS will send out compensation to claimants for any shortfall within four weeks of receipt of this data from the special administrators.

If you have a query about your balance, you should contact the special administrators using the details specified above.

Costs charged by special administrators

FSCS is considering whether it is able to compensate claimants for certain of the costs charged by the special administrators. We will provide further details of any element of FSCS compensation which relates to the special administrators’ costs when we make our payments to eligible claimants.

Compensation paid by FSCS

FSCS will pay compensation to all eligible claimants in UK Pounds Sterling. For eligible claims we will make payments up to our compensation limit by cheque.

If you accept any offer of compensation from us, your rights to claim against the Company, or special administrators, will automatically be transferred to FSCS.

There is no need to contact FSCS to make a claim. We will pay compensation automatically once you have agreed your balance with the special administrators.