Customers of Hume Capital Securities PLC have begun to receive compensation

18th August 2015

Customers who bought investment products offered by Hume Capital Securities PLC are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Customers must first agree their account balances with the joint special administrators, Leonard Curtis Recovery Limited.  FSCS covers eligible customers up to the investment compensation limit of £50,000 per person.  It will contact people who have agreed their balances and will compensate customers according to their agreed balances.

If we pay compensation, we will require customers to assign their legal rights in relation to their claim against Hume Capital to us.  If we recover funds in the Hume Capital special administration, we will make further payments to customers that still have uncompensated losses.

Customers with assets

We know a number of Hume customers have assets, usually shares held by Hume Capital. The joint special administrators are responsible for returning these assets to their owners. FSCS will continue to work with the joint special administrators to complete this process as soon as possible.