FSCS will shortly be compensating eligible Alpari claimants.

14th May 2015

FSCS will start to pay compensation to eligible Alpari claimants from 14 May 2015. Once FSCS has paid compensation, the joint special administrators will email claimants to confirm that the payment has been made. Compensation will be paid in US dollars to the bank account nominated via the Alpari claims portal.

Claimants who are expecting compensation from FSCS must ensure that there are no restrictions placed on their nominated accounts which could prevent a payment from being made. For example, if there are restrictions on the receipt of payments in US dollars from a UK bank.

If FSCS does not have all the information needed to make a payment, either FSCS or the joint special administrators will contact affected claimants to obtain the required information to progress their claim. Additional information about the payment process is provided in our Alpari Q&As.

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