We asked for your views and hundreds answered the call

24th August 2017

FSCS website survey results

Thank you to everyone who completed our online survey. 375 people took the time to tell us what they think of our website. We’re grateful to you for your views.

You had lots to say about what’s good and what needs to improve on the site.

We’re pleased to hear the site is meeting the needs of people quite well. And people trust the information we publish. You also said our information is easy to find and understand.

You were positive about how visually appealing the site is though we can improve it, too. So, we’ll keep enhancing what’s good while also making improvements.

Chief among these is making our protection checker more prominent and improving the legibility of the text in the current colour scheme. Some people find it hard to read. We’re working on these two points now. They’re priorities for us.

What are we doing with the full results? They’ll go into a review of the site we’re planning. That’ll lead to an overhaul and redesign we hope to complete by March 2018.