Premier FX Limited customers

Premier FX Limited offered money transfer services to customers living and working abroad. Most of the firm’s business served expats living in Portugal and Spain.

By FSCS Team
28 August 2018 Firm news
Customer putting bank card details into computer

On 13 August 2018 Premier FX Limited went into administration. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) appointed PKF Geoffrey Martin & Co as the administrator.

Premier FX Limited was only ever permitted to carry out certain payment services (known as ‘money remittance’). However Premier FX was found to be acting outside of the boundary of these permissions by also holding customer money in their accounts.

Will FSCS protect money customers held with Premier FX Limited?

No. FSCS protection only applies to certain types of regulated activity. Money remittance - the only activity which Premier FX Limited is authorised to undertake - is not one of those types. This means FSCS will be unable to compensate for any shortfalls in customers’ money held by Premier FX Limited, however deserving those customer cases may be.

How can Premier FX Limited customers get more information?

If you were a Premier FX customer and have any queries please contact the Administrators PKF Geoffrey Martin & Co on 020 7495 1100, or email

To find out what FSCS protects visit our What we Cover page

FSCS only protects financial services from firms authorised by the FCA. If you want to know whether FSCS covers a financial service you use, you can check the FCA’s Financial Services Register, for a firm’s status and permissions. You can also ask your financial services provider for more information.