FSCS Outlook November 2018


News from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

CEO's statement

Welcome to the latest edition of Outlook where we give you an insight into our strategy for the 2020s. We describe our priorities when meeting our challenges and discuss the updates of this year so far.

Chief Executive's statement

This latest edition of Outlook follows our strategy for the 2020s.

Levy update

Find the latest forecasts for the funding classes with final decisions on each class made in the New Year.

Taking action

Our case studies show how we've protected consumers across various sectors and raised their confidence in the financial services industry.

Management expenses

We're likely to exceed our budget due to increases in outsourced claims relating mainly to pension and self-invested personal pension claims.

Recoveries update

We've made the final payment for interest accrued for Bradford & Bingley and we have no outstanding liabilities to HM Treasury for the failures of 2008/9.

FSCS stakeholders

Our mission is to build better understanding, knowledge and greater trust in the UK’s financial services industry.

FSCS website

We've redesigned and simplified our website, making it more mobile friendly. It directs people to our coverage, limits and information about firm failures quickly and easily.

Funding review

Our new funding model, with most of the changes, will start on 1 April 2019.

UK withdrawal from the EU

We'll continue to protect depositors, policyholders, investors and others. The government has put in place a programme of action designed to avoid disruption in the unlikely event of a no-deal.