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How much is your annual 'peace of mind' bill?

11 May 2023

Can you insure your insurance? And if so, how much would that financial peace of mind cost? You may be surprised to learn that the answer is actually ‘nothing’.

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What's crowdfunding? What are the risks?

11 May 2023

Crowdfunding sites enable small businesses to raise funds from investors. Learn more about the types of crowdfunding and the risks that are involved.

Money trap

Mini-bonds – should you invest?

11 May 2023

Find out about mini-bonds, the risk they carry, and how to keep your money safe.

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Pots, pockets, piggy banks and vaults: keeping track of your money (or e-money), and its FSCS protection

11 May 2023

There are lots of clever tools to help you save for a big purchase. Your money might be split up to help you budget but how can you check if it's FSCS protected?

Pension pot

National Pension Tracing Day: is your pension FSCS protected?

11 May 2023

People are being urged to trace their lost pension pots. Here we talk you through how you can make sure the money you recover is FSCS protected.

James Darbyshire, FSCS's Chief Counsel

Recovering compensation costs and tackling the root causes of consumer harm

11 May 2023

In a recent article published in the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) Compliance Rules newsletter, our Chief Counsel James Darbyshire talks about the work that FSCS does to recover compensation costs and tackle the root causes of consumer harm.

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Wider Implications Framework annual report for 2022 published

19 April 2023

The financial services regulatory family re-launched the Wider Implications framework in 2022, to achieve better outcomes for consumers, firms and the industry as a whole, through building on existing collaborative work. Its annual report was published today, 19 April 2023.

Greenwashing, written in soap suds

Going green: protecting your money from greenwashing

31 October 2022

FSCS Chief Counsel, James Darbyshire, and Senior Lawyer, Emma Brown, reflect on the growing interest in ESG Funds and “green” investments and the emerging risks of “greenwashing” to consumers.