Fraud & scams

Details of the latest scams in the financial services sector.

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The ongoing fight against scams

01 February 2022

Sarah Marin talks about the challenges FSCS faces in preventing and reporting scams and why we’re keen to continue collaborating on scam prevention in 2022.

Protecting your financial future

Protecting your financial future

21 August 2020

Low interest rates and market uncertainty during Covid-19 could be unsettling and scammers know that you might be considering your savings and investments.

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Stay safe from scammers

03 June 2020

Scammers always look for ways to make you part with your money but it’s easy to stay scam smart, spot fraudsters and keep safe online when claiming with FSCS.

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Top 5 financial & bank scams in the UK

06 September 2019

Financial scams can come in all forms. Protect your money by learning more about the top 5 financial and bank scams in the UK.

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Beaufort clients warned of potential scam

08 February 2019

Beaufort clients are being approached by people claiming to be representatives of PwC or The Share Centre Ltd. Beaufort clients should ignore any such requests.

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FSCS warns consumers of potential scam

04 February 2019

We want to make consumers aware of phishing emails claiming to be from FSCS that ask people to register a claim to receive large amounts of monies owed.

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Protect yourself from pension scams

20 August 2018

Find out how pension scams work, how to avoid them and what to do if you suspect a scam.

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The Financial Services Compensation Scheme warns consumers on scam email

14 February 2018

FSCS is warning consumers to avoid emails addressed from Bonham Holdsworth or Jefford W. Rangham. FSCS is not connected with these two individuals in any way.