Single customer view

Under the Depositor Protection Rules, FSCS is required to pay out compensation within 15 business days of the default of a deposit taker.

A key element in meeting this obligation is the requirement on deposit takers to be able to provide a single customer view (SCV) to FSCS within 24 hours. The provision of a SCV provides us with the information required to make a fast payout, with a payout target of seven days from default (and in any event within the legal timeframes set in the Depositor Protection Rules).

Guide to SCV 

FSCS has produced a "Guide to SCV" to help deposit takers with their SCV submissions. 

Our primary objective is to answer questions that relate to the format and transmission of SCV files. Regulatory matters remain solely for the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).

Please note, the information contained within the Guide should not be relied on as legally definitive, conclusive or comprehensive. FSCS cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions or any act arising from them. If deposit takers have any doubts about a particular regulatory requirement, they are strongly recommended to seek their own expert advice.

FSCS has produced the following PGP encryption guide and public key file. 

Faster Payout Report Templates 

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