Information for Professional Representatives (Claims Management Companies, Solicitors etc)

Time to process claims

See the current length of time it's taking us to process claims on our 'How long will my claim take?' page. The data is the average time taken over the previous three months, re-calculated every month, so may not reflect how long any individual claim takes to process.

COVID-19 update

How can professional representatives get signatures from customers for their claim summary form if customers are self-isolating, or don’t have access to a scanner?

FSCS considers it reasonable for professional representatives to sign the application form on behalf of vulnerable/elderly customers. Note that the application form must also be accompanied by confirmation in writing from the CMC that;

(1) their client is unable to sign the application form because they are in self-isolation and are unable to access a printer or scanner;

(2) the client has read and understood the terms of the completed application form; and

(3) the professional representative has their client’s consent to submit the application form on their behalf.

Professional representatives must also ensure they include any confirmation in writing as part of the uploaded signed claim summary form so it’s in one single file.

FSCS terms of engagement for professional representatives and solicitors

FSCS is always looking to improve the service it delivers through professional representatives and solicitors, which by default will help our end customers.

We aim to build and maintain the trust of everyone we work with. We’ll do this through rigorously independent decisions, efficient operations, resilience in tackling financial failures and always putting our customers first.

To ensure we maximize our working relationships with customers’ representatives, we’ve set out our expectations for how they should interact with us, and how we will communicate with them. This has all been designed around the customers’ best interests.

When a professional representative or solicitor logs onto the online claims service they will find the terms of engagement (pdf 0.4MB) and will be asked to agree to it.

Submission guides

Mortgage endowment claims

Home finance claims

General insurance and shares claims

Pension claims

PPI claims

All claims (regardless of workstream)

It would be useful if professional representatives could clearly state why any of the required supporting documentation (as outlined in the AF checklist) can't be provided/isn't being submitted with the claim.

User guide for the claim service 

Professional representative guide to the claim service (PDF 5.16 MB)

50% declaration form 

Your client will need to complete this form (PDF 586 KB) if they're claiming for a joint policy but the co-policy holder is not contactable (i.e. following divorce).