How long will my claim take?

FSCS aims to investigate your claim as quickly as possible. Each claim is unique and can be complex, so we can’t predict how long it’ll be before we can give you a decision.

In the table below, you can see how long it’s currently taking to complete eight out of 10 claims. This is the time it takes from an application’s submission to the date we send out a decision letter.

This data includes all claims that have been completed within the past six months and was last updated on 7 December 2023.

Claim type 8 out of 10 customers get their decision within
General or life insurance 11** months
Investments 11 months
Mortgage advice 4 months
Mortgage endowment 6 months
Pensions 12 months*
PPI 3 months
Whole of life insurance 6 months**

If you’ve made a claim, you’ll be able to see its current status by logging into your account. You might notice that ‘evidence required’ or ‘reviewing evidence’ shows for quite a while.

This is because, to support your claim, most time is usually spent gathering evidence from third parties. Often, we’re waiting for information from them to complete our investigations. But we do chase them regularly to get you a decision as soon as possible.

See the latest status of your claim.

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*We've seen a big increase in the volume of pension claims. We're responding to these as quickly as possible, and working to reduce the amount of time each one takes to resolve. To check the status of your claim, log onto the online claims portal

**Due to the very small numbers of these claims, figures may fluctuate from month to month.