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04 November 2019 FSCS news

Compensation limits

Read our compensation limits articles for the latest news on changes to the amounts of compensation we can pay and how any changes might affect you.

New £85,000 deposit limit from today

30 January 2017

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Firm news

News on firms that have failed or that are under investigation. Read the latest updates on each firm’s situation and what it means for customers.

Failure of nine firms

27 September 2019

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Fraud & scams

Details of the latest scams in the financial services sector.

Top 5 financial scams in the UK

06 September 2019

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FSCS news

Read the latest news and updates regarding FSCS. Learn about our work with the industry, new staff appointments and other projects we’re involved in.

Hat-trick of awards

22 November 2019

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Read investments articles from FSCS to find out the latest news, how to invest safely and what to take into consideration when you’re planning to invest.

What's crowdfunding? What are the risks?

08 September 2017

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Read the articles in our protection section to find out the latest news on FSCS protection and the wider issues facing the financial services industry.

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Read our technology articles to find out more about fintech in banking and other issues relating to technology and FSCS.

Fintech in banking

08 September 2017

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