What is the ‘FSCS Protected’ badge - and why should you look out for it?

If you’re looking for a new deposit product (e.g. a current or savings account) from a UK-authorised bank, building society or credit union, it’s important to check that your money will be protected by FSCS. That way, FSCS can automatically pay you compensation if your provider fails and can’t pay back your money.

A quick and easy way of finding out is by looking for the ‘FSCS Protected’ badge.

What is the ‘FSCS Protected’ badge?

FSCS Protected badgeDisclosure requirements set by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) require authorised banks, building societies, credit unions, Northern Ireland credit unions and certain overseas firms with branches in the UK to inform new and existing customers that FSCS protects their deposits.

One way of doing so is by displaying the ‘FSCS Protected’ badge, a symbol that indicates that eligible deposits held by a provider are protected by FSCS under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme. That means if your bank, building society or credit union fails, FSCS can automatically compensate you - up to £85,000 per eligible person, per firm, and up to £170,000 for joint accounts.

Find out more about how we protect banks, building societies and credit unions.

Where should I look for the ‘FSCS Protected’ Badge?

The badge is displayed by UK-authorised deposit takers in the following locations:

  • High street branches
  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Leaflets
  • Letters
  • Advertising.

Where can I find more information?

We provide leaflets about FSCS protection to all UK-authorised deposit takers, which you can ask for in-branch or access online.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly with any questions.