FSCS publications

We produce three main publications each year.

'Outlook' is our industry update that is usually published each spring and autumn. It includes information about the latest claims volume forecasts and the annual levy.

Our 'FSCS Budget Update' (formerly 'Plan and Budget') is usually published each January. This is where we share our expected management expenses (running costs). Previously, 'Plan and Budget' had included our claims volumes forecasts and levy announcement for the following financial year. To provide firms with more notice, the levy forecast details are now provided in the autumn edition of 'Outlook'.

In addition, we publish our 'Annual Report and Accounts' once a year, in the summer.

You can read the latest versions using the links below, and there's an archive available on each page too.

Publications from the FCA and PRA

Both the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) publish news, consultation papers, policy and guidance about FSCS on their own websites.

The FCA has a searchable library of all its publications, and the PRA consolidates everything it publishes that's relevant to FSCS into a dedicated section of its site.

Other publications