Our culture

At FSCS, we want our people to feel a sense of purpose - understanding how they provide the best possible support to customers, while also contributing to wider society; our culture is at the heart of this.

We’re committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can bring their whole selves to work and succeed in achieving their personal and professional goals. 

As an organisation, we aim to:

  • Nurture a strong workplace culture;
  • Amplify our employee voice to drive belonging, equity, and inclusion;
  • Ensure the well-being and work-life balance of all our colleagues to unlock their success;
  • Build a community connected to our customers, strategy, purpose, and values.

"We truly put our people first, whether it be through our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive culture, to our extensive benefits and leave policies through to our focus on supporting staff to achieve both their personal and professional goals. It is a fantastic place to work, and I think that you can feel that through interactions with colleagues on a daily basis and that people feel they can truly bring their whole selves to work."

“The culture, place of acceptance and benefits are excellent. You can be yourself at FSCS and know you can approach anyone for anything you may need.” 

“I really love working at FSCS. The culture is truly inclusive. I feel like I can be myself and we are making a difference in the things that matter. We are also not shy in facing into the changes we need to make and managing those changes really well.”


Launched in January 2021, our Wellbeing Strategy has been created in collaboration with Aon – our benefits provider and world-leading professional services firm. There are of course many aspects of life that influence our wellbeing, and our strategy focuses on five key elements of this - physical, emotional, social, financial, and career.

We also place a strong emphasis on supporting Mental Health with a group of trained Mental Health First Aiders, ongoing awareness sessions and annual activities to mark Mental Health Awareness week.

Our strategy also helps to support well-being by recognising that as an employer, we have an important role to play in helping to create a positive environment that enables everyone to flourish and to feel that they belong.​​​​​​​

FSCS staff planting trees
FSCS staff volunteering with Coach Core