First Icesave emails out

10th November 2008

FSCS is working hard to prepare the accelerated payout process.

The first emails to UK customers of Icesave (which explain how the process will work) have gone out over the last few days and many consumers have been contacting FSCS to thank us. Some people have also been in touch to say that they have not received the first email from FSCS.

We would now like to ask anyone who has not yet received the first email to contact us using a special email address set up for this purpose.

Please email us, using the email address used for your Icesave account, at if you have not received the first email.

A blank email is all you need to send to generate an automated response from us which contains the first email. This response may take longer for some people depending on your internet service provider's spam filters. You do not need to provide any additional information. Please acknowledge your copy of the first email by sending a blank response to confirm you have received it. This is very important because it will allow us to double check your email address on the system.

The fact that you have not yet received your e-mail does not automatically mean that you will not be able to participate in the automated process. There will be an update on FSCS's website on Tuesday 11 November giving guidance to people who have not yet received their first email.