Update on first Icesave emails

10th November 2008

The first email to UK customers of Icesave (which explains how the process will work) went out last week. Despite inviting Icesave depositors to email us for a copy, we are aware that a minority of people have still not received the first email from FSCS. We recognise the uncertainty this is causing you and we are doing everything we can to resolve the issue. We are working on a solution to this issue, and we have been talking with a number of Internet Service Providers.

The fact that you have not yet received your first e-mail does not mean that you will not be able to participate in the automated process and we will continue to explore ways of getting the information you need to you as quickly as possible. We will publish a further update in the next few days.

You might also be interested in reviewing our FAQs, which we update regularly as we receive questions.