Support Teams

The work of our Operations Division is supported by colleagues in our support teams. These are: the Claims Support Group, the Communications Group, the Finance, Payments and HR Division, General Counsel's Division and the Strategic Planning and Operational Support Division.

The Claims Support Group consists of the Customer Services and the Initial Contact Teams, plus the Default Team. These teams are often the first port of call for consumers when they need to make a claim. Between them, Customer Services and Initial Enquiries deal with around 80,000 written and telephone enquiries each year. The Default Team investigates the ability of firms to meet claims made against them.

The Communications Group helps to raise awareness of the work of the FSCS amongst our stakeholders, which include journalists, consumers and their representatives, authorised firms and trade bodies. This Group also produces our publications and looks after the Scheme's website.

The Finance, Payments and HR Division is concerned with two very important areas for the FSCS - money and staff. The Finance Team manages the Scheme's internal financial information, procedures and controls and the treasury function. The Team is responsible for co-ordinating budgets and forecasts, and raising and allocating levies. The FCA, under agreement, acts as the Scheme's agent to collect levy tariff data and for subsequent levy raising, collection and credit control. The Payments Team ensures timely and accurate settlement of agreed compensation claims, and the HR teams covers all aspects of personnel including recruitment and retention strategies, payroll, employment legislation, training and staff benefits.

General Counsel's Division works with all of the five Sub-schemes within the FSCS, advising upon claims and recoveries specific to individual Sub-schemes and dealing with issues of Scheme-wide relevance such as data protection, confidentiality and privacy. In connection with many estates, both investment and insurance, the Legal Services Team has worked closely with insolvency practitioners to pursue potential sources of recovery. The Division includes the Legal Services Team, Quality Programme Unit and the Company Secretary.

The Strategic Planning and Operational Support Division includes strategic planning, process improvements and performance measurement, as well as providing all of our office services. It consists of the Document Management Team, Facilities, Information Technology, Performance Measurement, Process Improvement and Strategic Planning.


This section contains all our published collateral, from consumer guides, to policy statements and factsheets.

Jargon Buster


The Financial Conduct Authority is the UK's regulator for the financial services industry. 


having insufficient assets to meet due debts or liabilities.


a financial product in which money can be invested to earn interest or profit (although the value of investments can go down as well as up).