FSCS Website

Following consumer testing earlier this year, we have redesigned and simplified our website, and have made it more mobile-friendly. It directs people to our coverage, limits, and information about firm failures quickly and easily.

With nine in ten UK households now having access to the internet and using it regularly, ensuring our online information is easy to read and understand is a priority.

Our work is based on the principle of clear consumer communication journeys. Whether starting with an online search, a newspaper article, a digital advertisement, media partnership or, indeed, industry partnerships and communications, people are directed to the most useful FSCS website page and onto our Claims Service when they need it.

Alongside this, we know how important our industry relationships are and in 2019 we want to investigate how to work together even more closely. As well as the industry working groups, we will share more information and promotional materials with industry to ensure consumers are as well informed as possible about FSCS protection.