Audit Committee Members

  • Patrick Neville (Committee Chair)
  • Richard Parkin 
  • Nicky Morgan
  • Cathryn Riley

Terms of reference (pdf 146KB)

Claims Decisions Committee Members

One executive director and any two non-executive directors, to be decided on a meeting-by-meeting basis.

Terms of reference (pdf 38KB)

Remuneration and Human Resources Committee Members

  • Helen Parker (Committee Chair)
  • Marshall Bailey
  • Richard Parkin
  • Wendy Williams

Terms of reference (pdf 175KB)

Nomination and Governance Committee Members

  • Marshall Bailey (Committee Chair)
  • Caroline Rainbird
  • Helen Parker
  • Cathryn Riley

Terms of reference (pdf 165KB) 

Risk Committee Members

  • Richard Parkin (Committee Chair) 
  • Patrick Neville
  • Nicky Morgan
  • Wendy Williams

Terms of reference (pdf 153KB)