FIXI plc

In liquidation 02 September 2019

FRN: 448399

FIXI plc (FIXI) was placed into liquidation on 31 May 2019. Nigel Rackham and Michael Jervis of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) have been appointed as Liquidators.

FIXI was an online brokerage providing trading platforms to professional, institutional and retail clients since its incorporation in 2005, which included providing its clients with market access to Foreign Exchange (FOREX), Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and Financial Spread Betting.

On 20 December 2018, FIXI voluntarily agreed to have its regulatory permissions varied (VREQ). FIXI agreed not to conduct any regulated activities without the prior written consent of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA also instructed FIXI to close all open trading positions.

On 1 May 2019, a board meeting of the Directors decided to place FIXI in liquidation.

See our investment compensation limits and their conditions on our Investments page.

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  • 15 Aug, 2019

    FSCS has been in contact with PwC and understands that the process of returning client money to customers following the VREQ reunited some retail customers with their money. It was not possible, however, to return client money to all FIXI’s customers.

    FSCS can cover client money shortfalls for eligible customers with protected claims, up to our compensation limit of £85,000. Generally, individuals and small businesses are eligible customers.

    Currently FSCS is working closely with PwC so that we can determine whether we will be able to compensate customers of FIXI. Once this has been established, we will update this page.

    Customers who have money with FIXI which has not been returned to them do not need to do anything. At this stage there is no need for customers to make a claim with FSCS. FSCS and PwC will provide further updates when we have them. Customers should subscribe above to receive the latest email updates on FIXI.


If you’ve any questions, please contact the Liquidators, PwC