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Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. It should only be completed by customers of London Capital & Finance plc (in administration), with one questionnaire completed per customer. Please include all of your unique bond reference numbers in Question 2.

The information provided will not be used to assess individual claims for compensation. Your responses will, however, help FSCS understand what information or advice London Capital & Finance may have provided to customers. It will still be necessary to submit an application form to FSCS in due course. Please try and be as specific and factual as possible in your answers.

London Capital & Finance Questionnaire


1. Your details

Bondholder 1

Bondholder 2 (if applicable) 


2. Please enter details of your investment(s)


Note: This section should be completed by all bondholders, whether the investment was inside or outside an ISA wrapper.


3. Did you receive any information or advice that may have influenced your decision to invest?


Note: Advice does not necessarily mean that a personal recommendation was made to you (e.g. “you should invest” or “I recommend that you invest”). However, there needs to be more than just the provision of information for it to count as advice.

Examples of information or advice that may have influenced your decision to invest might include comments on the pros and cons, or merits of the investment, such as assurances over the security of the underlying assets of the bonds themselves. Another example might be comments made to you, or value judgements on the quality of the investment (e.g. “this is an excellent product offering a fantastic rate of return”).

Please describe the information or advice you received:

4. Did this information or advice influence your decision to invest?


5. If you received any information or advice that influenced your decision to invest, what contact method was used? (Tick all that apply.)


6. Was the information or advice you referred to in questions 3 - 5 given before or after you made your investment?

7. Do you have a copy of the email or letter you referred to in question 5 above?

. What company did you believe gave you the information or advice you referred to in questions 3 - 5 above?

9. I believe that my responses to the questions above are to the best of my knowledge true and accurate.

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By submitting this form you consent:

(i) to FSCS holding and processing your personal data;

(ii) to FSCS contacting you;

in each case, for the purpose of FSCS providing information to you about its position in relation to London Capital & Finance.