Useful info for customers

Claiming with FSCS is straightforward, and you’ll keep all your compensation. Before you start your claim, reading this background information will help you understand the process, help you spot fraud and understand the limits of our protection. 

FSCS & the Financial Ombudsman Service

FSCS and the Financial Ombudsman Service both get people back on track and are independent and free to use, but each has different roles and rules.

FSCS and the FOS - who does what

Keep safe from scams and fraud

If you've dealt with a financial firm that's failed, then you’re at risk from scammers and fraud. See how to keep yourself safe.

Scams & fraud

Banking licences

Our protection is limited to licenced financial institutions, yet some of these share licences. See how shared banking licences affect our protection of your money.

Banking licences

Coverage began...

To be able to claim compensation with us you must be eligible under our compensation rules.

See when the compensation rules came into effect.

Deceased customers

If you're claiming on behalf of someone who's died, you'll need to provide some extra information.

Our deceased customers' page will guide you through the process.

The role of CMCs

A claims management company can make a claim on your behalf, but they will charge you a fee.

If you decide to employ a claims management company, find out what you can expect.