Jargon Buster

  • SDD

    Specific Deposit Defaults

  • SERPs

    State Earning Related Pensions

  • SFA

    Securities and Futures Authority (replaced by the FSA).

  • SFO

    Serious Fraud Office

  • SHIPs

    Safe Home Income Plans

  • SIB

    Securities and Investments Board (replaced by the FSA).

  • Smaller business

    (as an indicative guide only) businesses with a turnover of less than �1 million a year.

  • Smaller company

    (as an indicative guide only) must meet two of the following criteria (as set out in section 247 of the Companies Act 1985):
    Turnover: not more than �6.5 million
    Balance sheet total: not more than �3.26 million
    Total number of employees: not more than 50

  • SRO

    Self-Regulatory Organisation

  • SRR

    Special Resolutions Regime