Bereavement old

If you're dealing with the claim of someone who's died, in order of preference we'll need:

  • Grant of probate/letter of administration – if there is one.
  • Will – if there is one.
  • Confirmation there is no grant of probate/letter of administration/will, and that the deceased passed away intestate.

Ensure all executor(s) or administrator(s), review and sign the application form. As this is the most common:

  • Even if executors are solely listed on the will they will still be required to review and sign the application form. If for any reason an executor is not able/willing to complete or sign, the main executor must explain why in their response.
  • If an executor has subsequently passed away, a copy of the death certificate will be required, unless it is not practical to do so, e.g., the executor was a professional one and had since retired and subsequently passed away, indicating the professional is no longer acting in that capacity.

The nominated payee account can be set as required, as long as all have signed to agree to that effect:

  • If paying beneficiary account to sign an additional indemnity form – if required, this will be supplied.

Copies of ID documentation will be required for all those who sign the application form, e.g., if there are three executors, ID will be required for all three.