Blankstone Sington Ltd

Under investigation 13 October 2023

FRN: 143694

On 13 October 2023, the Court appointed Andrew Poxon, Alex Cadwallader and Hilary Pascoe of Leonard Curtis as Joint Special Administrators of Blankstone Sington Ltd following an application by the FCA.

Further details can be found at the Joint Special Administrators’ website.

The Joint Special Administrators have also advised that customers who wish to speak to someone should contact or on 0161 820 4238.

You can also read details on the FCA website.

FSCS will not be opening to customer claims right now, but we will be investigating whether there are any claims that are eligible for compensation, and how any claims might best be dealt with. As part of this investigation, we will be working closely with the Joint Special Administrators and the FCA.

Further updates will be posted on this page when they become available.

Being alert to scams

Scammers may look to take advantage of the special administration of Blankstone Sington Ltd to try to defraud clients.

All clients should remain alert to the possibility of fraud. If you are cold called by someone claiming to be from Blankstone Sington Ltd or Leonard Curtis, please end the call and contact Leonard Curtis on or on 0161 820 4238.

Contact us on the number below, or via any of the methods on our Contact us page.

Phone contact icon 0800 678 1100