Capital & Income Solutions Ltd

In liquidation 19 June 2020

FRN: 462885

You might be eligible for compensation

In January 2020 Capital & Income Solutions Ltd went into liquidation.

We’ve identified Capital & Income Solutions Ltd may have provided advice that left you worse off.

Capital & Income Solutions Ltd may have advised you to transfer your defined benefit pension to a private pension. Transferring your defined benefit pension means you would have lost valuable pension benefits. It may not be realistic to achieve the same level of benefits from your new private plan.

You may not have lost money yet. But transfers from a defined benefit pension to a private pension are complex. And Capital & Income Solutions Ltd may not have fully explained to you the terms and exclusions involved. The advice you received may not have been the best advice for you.

Our service is completely free to use, and you can make a claim to us directly. If your claim is successful, you can keep all the compensation we pay you. But if you choose to use a claims management company to bring your claim to us, you’ll likely have to pay them a fee. This means you keep less of any compensation you receive.

We’re now assessing claims against the firm, and need to establish that customers have suffered a financial loss under our rules. We must do this before we can pay compensation for any eligible claims.

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