Dunas & Llana Beach resorts

Under investigation


We’re carrying out some fact-finding about investments in properties at the Dunas Beach and Llana Beach resorts, Cape Verde.

We’ll start assessing claims for compensation once we’ve got the facts we need.

We’re not sure how long our fact-finding will take; such investments can be quite complex. But we will keep customers fully up-to-date via this webpage, with no need for them to contact us.

  • 21 Sep, 2020

    We’re currently working with multiple third parties to gather the information we need. This should make it quicker for us to process your claim. 

    At this stage, we’re not sure how long this process will take, because these investments are quite complex.

    We’ll only start assessing claims once we’ve got all the facts we need.

    If you’ve already made a claim, and we need more information from you, we’ll contact you. Please don’t contact us about your claim until we’ve finished our investigation.

    Thanks for your patience while we investigate this matter.


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