Enterprise Insurance Company plc

Failed 01 July 2016

FRN: 402277

Enterprise Insurance Company plc was placed into liquidation, so most Enterprise motor insurance customers are eligible for FSCS protection. We can’t protect Enterprise insurance claims where an accident occurred after the insurance policies were cancelled on 26 October 2016.

The liquidator, Freddie White of Grant Thornton, cancelled Enterprise Insurance policies on 26 October 2016. Since then, FSCS has been paying return of premium claims either directly to policyholders or through their broker or finance company. We paid over £2m in return of premium motor claims to thousands of consumers in the first two weeks of the company failing.

The failure affects about 46,000 UK customers with Enterprise motor insurance policies. We continue to work closely with the liquidator to see how to best compensate UK policyholders.

See our insurance compensation limits and their conditions on our Insurance page.