Eunisure Ltd

Failed 20 July 2022

FRN: 485047

You might be eligible for compensation

Eunisure Ltd (“Eunisure”) is an Insurance Broker. On 7 July 2022 the company entered Creditors Voluntary Liquidation with Rod Butcher of Butcher Woods appointed as Liquidator.

FSCS understands that any insurance taken out via Eunisure has been placed with the insurer. Any insurance taken out through Euinsure will still be valid, provided payments are kept up. Customers who are in any doubt should contact the insurer.

FSCS is now open to claims against Eunisure. If you are a customer and consider that you have a complaint against the company regarding insurance advice provided by Eunisure, you can now make a claim to FSCS using our online claims service.

For more information about Insurance Mediation claims and FSCS, customers can consult our dedicated page.

If you have already referred a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, you don’t need to take any action. As the firm is in liquidation the ombudsman service will contact you in due course to ask for permission to refer the case to FSCS.

You don't need a claims company or a solicitor to make a claim with us, but if you're not good with forms, consider using a friend or family member as a personal representative.


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