Intelligent Money Ltd

Under investigation 28 May 2024

FRN: 219473

Intelligent Money Limited, is a self-invested personal pension scheme (SIPP) operator authorised and regulated by the FCA. On 28 May 2024, the directors appointed Richard Heis and Ed Boyle of Interpath Advisory Limited as Joint Administrators.  

Following the appointment of the Joint Administrators, the sale of Intelligent Money’s book (its assets & customers) to Quai Administration Services Limited (‘Quai’), was completed. This means that Quai Investment Services Limited (Quai’s Regulated Subsidiary) will become the operator of the Intelligent Money’s SIPPs and the ISA Plan Manager where applicable.

Additionally, Intelligent Money’s 10,500 qualifying workplace pension scheme (‘QWPS’) clients were purchased by Digital Wealth Systems Limited (‘Digi’), a provider of workplace pensions to both employers and employees. These QWPS schemes are continuing to be operated by Quai at the current time.

Quai will communicate next steps to consumers holding Intelligent Money products. However, if you have any urgent question, you can contact Quai at

In the meantime, you can monitor updates from the Joint Administrator here.

FSCS is open to customer claims   

We need first to establish whether there are any claims which are eligible under our rules. We are currently investigating this, and it is likely to take us some time. We anticipate this will be a complex investigation and we will work closely with the Joint Administrators.  

If, as one of Intelligent Money’s customers, you feel you have a complaint or potential compensation claim against Intelligent Money, you can now bring that matter to us using our online claim service. Please check below for information about how you should proceed.

The latest news regarding our work on Intelligent Money will appear on this page. We will update this page as our investigations progress. Customers should subscribe to this page to receive the latest updates. 

FSCS and the Financial Ombudsman Service 

If you already have a claim with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), you don't need to take any action now. The FOS will be in touch shortly to tell you your next step.  

FSCS is free to use and you don’t need to use a representative or a solicitor to make a claim. If you claim directly with us, you will receive 100% of any compensation due.  

What if you also dealt with another FCA-authorised firm? 
In some cases, FCA-authorised independent financial advisers (IFAs) may have recommended customers transfer their existing pensions to a SIPP with Intelligent Money.

You can check to see whether the firm(s) you dealt with have ever been authorised by FCA by visiting its online register

FSCS usually expects customers with another FCA-authorised firm to make a claim against that firm first. 

If you dealt with another FCA-authorised firm that’s no longer trading,and haven’t already made a claim against them, you should submit a claim to FSCS against that firm first.  This could be an adviser, or the business partner which used the Intelligent Money SIPP under its own branding.
We consider different factors when calculating losses on pension advice (a claim against your financial adviser) compared to claims against SIPP operators (a claim against your SIPP provider).  

This means you may receive more compensation for any losses by claiming against your financial advisor (IFA) compared to a claim against your SIPP provider. So, we recommend submitting a claim for compensation to us against your IFA first.  
If you dealt with an FCA-authorised firm that’s still trading,and your complaint hasn’t been exhausted, you need to complain to them before FSCS will consider your claim against Intelligent Money.  

If your complaint is rejected by the live firm, you can take your complaint against your adviser to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).  

If you were introduced to Intelligent Money by a firm that was not FCA-authorised, or you have already made a complaint against the FCA-authorised firm(s) you dealt with and believe you have uncompensated losses, you can now make a claim to FSCS about Intelligent Money.   


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