Vector Wealth Ltd

Under investigation 22 April 2022

FRN: 578178

FSCS is aware that Vector Wealth Ltd entered administration on 22 April. 

Vector Wealth Ltd (“Vector Wealth”) is an FCA-authorised firm that issued a mini-bond to investors called the “Absolute Return Forex Bond”.  

Although Vector Wealth has entered administration, FSCS is unlikely to be able to pay compensation based purely on Vector Wealth’s failure to repay the bonds, as issuing bonds is not normally a regulated activity.  

FSCS is investigating if there are investment services provided by Vector Wealth in relation to these investments that are regulated and meet the qualifying conditions for compensation. As part of this investigation, we're working closely with the administrators MHA MacIntyre Hudson,

The latest news regarding our work on the firm will appear on this page. We will update this page as our investigations progress. Customers should subscribe to this page to receive the latest updates.


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