FSCS ranked 40 in The Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List

The long-awaited Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List published on November 28th showcases leading organisations working across all strands of diversity.

In recognition of their continued dedication to workplace diversity, equality and inclusion, The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has been ranked at No 40 in The Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List. It is a definitive list of UK based organisations that promote inclusion across all protected characteristics, throughout each level of employment within an organisation.

Announced at the Inclusive Companies Awards in Manchester, The Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List is a dynamic and exclusive resource that has identified the most inclusive companies across the nation. Demonstrating the promotion of all strands of diversity including age, disability, gender, LGBT, race, faith & religion; the list focuses on representation at management, senior, executive and board level.

David Blackburn, FSCS Chief Executive Officer said, “To be included in this list is a great accolade of our work to create a truly diverse and inclusive workforce where everyone can succeed. We started our work seven years ago, and once senior staff at FSCS realised how important this was to our changing society, and to our customers, who come from all backgrounds, they readily gave their consent to make the vision of an inclusive workplace and a diverse workforce a reality. This means that our staff can truly empathise with customers’ concerns and understand their experiences, as perhaps they have been on similar journey, and this is reflected in the feedback that we receive from customers.

“At FSCS we focus on recruiting and retaining the widest and most diverse pool of talent. FSCS was a founding signatory of the Business in the Community Race at Work Charter; last year we launched the world’s first age friendly employer profile; and we have increased LGBT and female representation at all levels. FSCS is an active supporter of Positive East, an HIV/AIDS charity in East London and we couldn’t have achieved this without the full support of our staff.’’

Compiled by a dedicated panel of judges, organisations featured have provided sufficient evidence on an amalgamation of topics including recruitment procedures, training and a host of diversity-related initiatives.

The Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List recognises the outstanding efforts of organisations that proactively recruit, retain and retain a truly diverse workforce, achieving equality, diversity and inclusion at its purest form.

Samantha Budd, Chief Executive of the University of Bristol Students’ Union, Said, “As we start to understand the role that employers have in contributing to the creation of a fairer society, we understand the importance of recognizing and celebrating excellence in the field of Inclusion and diversity. I am very proud to be involved in the judging panel for the 2019 Inclusive Companies Awards as I believe that the traction that these awards are making across all sectors, sizes and types of organisations is extraordinary. The ICAs shine a light on this important agenda and encourages us as business leaders to step up and ensure that we are playing our role and making a difference”.

This list presents the very best of UK companies who are integrating an inclusive culture right from the top of their organisations – No one size fits all, and the breadth of initiatives is a reminder of the importance in innovation and diversity of thinking for all employers”, said Founder & CEO, Paul Sesay.

“The Top 50 represents the ripple effect all the organisations are making on not only their own people, but society as a whole. The List is a brilliant way of sharing the great strides that are being made. FSCS position reflects the high standard to which they operate. As well as addressing areas of improvement, FSCS has developed and delivered high impact initiatives to actively implement solutions. FSCS has been recognised for their continuous dedication to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.”

Dr. Bījna Dasanī, FRSA, Head of Architecture and Innovation, Lloyd's Banking Group said, “The Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List is effectively a benchmark highlighting organisations who are an inclusive employer in its entirety. For others it's a model example of how to shift modes in the Inclusion arena, from survive, to thrive!”

To view the full list of Inclusive Employers, please visit https://www.inclusivecompanies.co.uk/inclusivetop50/2019rankings/

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