PPI claims


  • Should be fully complete. If the question isn’t relevant this should be stated as such, rather than leaving fields blank.

  • Include full names, addresses, telephone numbers for all customers/policyholders. Previous addresses for all customers should be included, in a separate note if required.

  • All relevant questions must be answered. Where an answer is YES/NO and further details are requested, please provide them.

  • It should contain lender name, policy provider name, and loan account and policy numbers where possible. Please note the loan account and PPI policy number should always be different (i.e. not the same reference for both). The name of the lender and policy provider should also be different.

  • Any anomalies, such as changes to loans or policies, should contain a full explanation.

  • It should be signed and dated in the relevant areas by all customers/policyholders etc.

  • It should contain clear instructions (signed by all customers/policyholders) regarding payment of compensation for a successful claim, (i.e. who is to be paid and their full bank details).


Identification for each named customer

  • We need verification of name e.g. driving licence, passport etc. This must be current and in date. If using a birth certificate/marriage certificate, this must be the original.

  • We need proof of address e.g. bank statement, utility bill dated within the last three months.

  • All documents must be clear/legible and be shown in full.

Refer to www.fscs.org.uk for a full list of acceptable identification and address verification documents.


Letter of authority

  • A fully completed representative letter of authority – this will enable the representative to act on behalf of the customer. This must be recently signed and dated by all customers/policyholders etc.


Lender and policy provider details

  • Include any supporting evidence that the customer or representative can provide to support the claim e.g. loan/mortgage statements, policy documents, credit agreements, change of interest rate notification letters and evidence of loan redemption (if applicable).


Deceased claims/power of attorney/change of name through marriage or by deed poll

  • For deceased claims we need to see the original death certificate, will, grant of probate or letters of administration (as applicable).

  • Where there is a power of attorney, we need to be provided with the original document.

  • If the customer’s name has changed, we need the original marriage certificate/divorce decree/deed poll.

N.B. all original documentation will be returned to the customer/representative.



  • We require all documentation where one or more customers are subject to insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings. Specifically, we need details of the supervisor, the details for who any compensation should be paid to (including bank details) and proof of discharge, if applicable.


Additional information

  • Where you’ve obtained a DSAR, please provide us only with the relevant information, rather than submitting all the documentation. This will speed up the claims process.