Insurance insolvencies

Below is a list of insolvent insurers that FSCS is currently involved with. If you have a query or claim relating to any of these insolvencies, please get in touch with the insolvency practitioner (IP) for that firm who will be able to help.

An insurance insolvency occurs when an insurer finds itself in financial difficulty and the regulator believes it won’t be able to meet its liabilities. The firm will then often enter the insolvency process, e.g., administration, provisional liquidation or liquidation, and a court appoints an IP to manage the firm’s affairs.

The IP values the firm’s liabilities and recovers assets from its debtors. For an insurance company, the liabilities will include policyholders’ unpaid claims, which is where FSCS comes in. If these policyholders are eligible for FSCS protection, we work with the IP to ensure we pay these claims as quickly as possible.


General insurer defaults

Company Date
AA Mutual International Insurance Services Ltd 01/05/2007
Alpha Insurance A/S 11/05/2018
Andrew Weir Insurance Company Ltd 12/11/1992
Anglo American Insurance Company Ltd 10/03/1997
BAI Ltd (Builders Accident) 30/07/1998
Balva AAS Insurance  04/07/2014
Bermuda Fire and Marine Insurance Company Ltd 16/12/1994
Black Sea and Baltic General Insurance Company Ltd 24/08/1998
Bryanston Insurance Company Ltd 23/03/1992
Chester Street Insurance Holdings Ltd 09/01/2001
Continental Assurance Company of London plc 27/03/1992
Cotton Trades N/A
Drake Insurance plc 11/05/2000
East West Insurance Company Ltd 12/10/2020
Elite Insurance Company Ltd 11/12/2019
English and American Insurance Company Ltd 19/03/1993
Enterprise Insurance Company PLC  28/07/2016
Eurolife Assurance (International)Ltd 24/04/2009
European Risk Insurance Company hf. 28/04/2014
Gable Insurance AG 22/11/2016
Gefion Insurance A/S 27/01/2021
Highlands Insurance Company (UK) Ltd 01/11/2007
HIH Casualty and General Insurance Company Ltd 16/03/2001
Horizon Insurance Company Ltd 19/12/2018
Independent Insurance Company Ltd 18/06/2001
KWELM Group of Companies 17/11/1993
Lamp Insurance company Ltd 03/06/2019
Lemma Europe Insurance Company Limited  05/10/2012
Marina Mutual Insurance Association Ltd 14/11/1997
MCE Insurance Company Ltd 19/11/2021
Millburn Insurance Company Ltd 11/12/2013
Municipal General Insurance Ltd 09/03/1994
North Atlantic Insurance Company Ltd 06/03/1997
OIC Run Off Ltd / London and Overseas 21/10/1994
Pacific and General Insurance Company Ltd 15/11/1985
Paramount Insurance Company Ltd 24/06/1996
Prometheus Insurance Company Ltd 27/01/2021
Qudos Insurance A/S 20/12/2018
Scan Re Insurance Company Ltd 10/03/1994
Sovereign Marine and General Insurance Company Ltd 11/07/1997
The Aldgate Insurance Company Ltd 12/11/2009
The Exchange Insurance Company Ltd 06/10/2010
Trinity Insurance Company Ltd 23/03/1992
UIC Insurance Company Ltd 12/08/1996


Life Assurance Defaults

Company Date
Oaklife Assurance Company Ltd 14/09/1993
Underwriters National Assurance Company 12/09/1980