Q&As about Merchant Capital Limited

What is FSCS’s role in relation to Merchant Capital?

What protection does FSCS provide?

What type of claim can FSCS consider in relation to Merchant Capital?

Why can FSCS pay compensation in relation to charges deducted by Reyker Securities PLC?

How do I claim with FSCS against Merchant Capital?

What evidence do I need to support my claim?

Can I claim if my investment has not yet matured?

How long will FSCS take to deal with my claim?

When and how will I receive compensation from FSCS?

How will FSCS calculate my compensation?

Jargon Buster

  • Eligible

    qualifying for compensation under Scheme rules.
  • In default

    A firm unable, or likely to be unable to pay claims against it. This will generally be because it has stopped trading and has insufficient assets to meet claims, or is in insolvency.
  • Investment

    a financial product in which money can be invested to earn interest or profit (although the value of investments can go down as well as up).