Think you have a claim against a financial firm that’s gone out of business? If you’re not sure, you can read more about the products we cover.

Make a claim

Instant confirmation of eligibility

Based on the firm and product or policy you want to claim against and when you dealt with the firm, we’ll tell you instantly online whether you can make a claim with us. We accept online claims for mortgage advice, mortgage endowments, pensions, PPI, life insurance, investments and debt management.  You don’t need to use our Online Claims Service if your bank, building society or credit union has gone out of business. We’ll send you your money automatically, up to our £85,000 compensation limit.

Faster and easier

Applying online ensures you’re only asked questions that are most relevant to your circumstances. We’ll tell you if you’ve missed anything too and won’t let you submit your claim without it.

We ask for information and documents to support your claim. You’ll be able to upload them online, ensuring we get everything we need at once to help you. We can process online claims faster because we’re not waiting for all your documents to arrive by post.

Track your claim’s progress

Once you’ve submitted your claim and supporting documents we’ll start investigating your claim. You can log in to your claim whenever you want to track its progress.

Investigating your claim can take up to six months (three months for PPI claims). Sometimes they can take longer.  But we’ll then let you know whether your claim is valid and whether you’ll receive any compensation. 

How easy was it to claim?