The benefits of going direct with FSCS

Get all the compensation you're due. For free.

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When a financial firm fails there are two ways to get the compensation you’re due: either with a claims management company, or directly with FSCS. But did you know FSCS lets you keep all your compensation?

Set up by an act of parliament, FSCS pays you compensation when financial firms fail. We’re an independent body funded by levies on financial services firms, and we do not charge for our services.  When a claims management company takes on your claim, they’ll simply present us with your paperwork, and will charge you up to 40% of your compensation. Get 100% of the money you’re due by claiming directly with us.

  • It’s not difficult to claim directly with FSCS.
  • We’ll tell you what we need, every step of the way.
  • All claims, even if managed by a claims management company, come to us.
  • Using a claims management company isn’t faster.

Whoever manages your claim, we will aim to resolve it as quickly as possible, but some claims can be complex. Our investigation can take up to three months for PPI claims, or six months for non-PPI claims, and occasionally it can take longer.

If you think you’ve got a claim, and you want to keep all your compensation, click the button to get started.