Do you suspect fraudulent contact?

Our fraud policy

Fraud attempts can often involve a criminal trying to impersonate someone who works for a trusted organisation, such as FSCS, to get your personal financial details.

If you are suspicious about any email, text message or phone call from someone claiming to be from FSCS, please don’t give out any personal financial information.

FSCS will never ask customers for money or fees to make a claim for compensation, because it’s a free service.

Official FSCS emails end with Emails with a different ending such as are not from FSCS.

Think you’ve been the victim of fraud? Here’s what to do:

  • If you have given out your information and suspect fraud, contact Action Fraud.
  • If you want to let us know about a suspected fraud involving FSCS, please contact us using this form or by phone, on 0800 678 1100 or if you’re overseas, on +44 20 7741 4100.

FSCS takes the privacy of your data extremely seriously and does not give information about individuals to third parties. You can read our privacy policy here.