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FRN: Not FCA authorised

You might be eligible for compensation

Geoff Rowley and Paul Allen of FRP were appointed as joint administrators of Just Loans Group PLC (JLG) on 15 June 2022. Administration is a form of insolvency.

JLG offered retail bond investments to UK customers. Further information is available on JLG’s website.

Although listed on our failed firms page, JLG has not been declared ‘in default’ by FSCS. JLG issued its own bonds, which is not a Financial Conduct Authority-regulated activity. This means that customers cannot claim compensation through an application to FSCS directly against JLG.

However, FSCS is aware that FCA authorised advisers may have been carrying out regulated activities (possibly including advising) in relation to the JLG investment. If the adviser that you dealt with is still authorised, you should contact that firm directly.

  • 04 Aug, 2022

    FSCS understands that many customers may have dealt with a company called St Pauls Marketing Ltd FRN (591448). This firm was an Appointed Representative of different Principal firms during its period of authorisation. The Principal firm is usually regarded as being liable for the advice given by its Appointed Representatives.

    Customers of St Pauls Marketing Ltd are likely to have a potential claim against the firm that acted as Principal at the time of the investment. Customers should be able to refer to their documentation to determine who the Principal would be. However;

    • Claims where advice was given between 16/11/2012 and 12/10/2015, should be made against City One Securities (FRN: 146908).

    • Claims where advice was given between 01/01/2016 and 15/08/2017, should be made against Alexander David Securities Ltd (ADSL) (FRN:469150).

    • Customers where advice was given between 12/10/2015 and 01/01/2016, should check their documentation to find the identity of the adviser. If it is not clear which firm you dealt with, you should make the claim against Alexander David Securities Ltd (ADSL) (FRN:469150).

    Please note that there are two Alexander David Securities Ltd on FSCS systems, so please make sure you use FRN 469150.

    FSCS is now open to claims against both firms. City One Securities Ltd entered liquidation in January 2020 and was declared in default in April 2020. Alexander David Securities Ltd entered liquidation on 1 July 2022. 

    Customers who have already made claims against either firm currently to need take no further action.

    FSCS can pay compensation of up to £85,000 per customer, per default in respect of the total liabilities that might be owed to customers.

    Please remember, that by claiming directly through us, you pay no fees, and will get 100% of any compensation that may become payable.

    All customers should remain alert to the possibility of fraud.


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