Find all the episodes of Protect your money with FSCS, the podcast from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We explain our protection so you can feel confident your money is safe.

#8 How to claim with FSCS in 3 steps

If you need to claim with FSCS now, or you just want to know more about the process, listen to our short podcast which explains the 3 steps to claiming online.

17 June 2022

#7 Your guide to financial advice and FSCS protection

What is financial advice and how is it different from tips & guidance? Our podcast explores this and how FSCS can protect you if you’ve taken financial advice.

23 May 2022

#6 What happens if my insurer goes bust?

Imagine you’ve got an insurance policy and your insurance provider goes bust. Do you know what happens next and how FSCS can help? Listen to our podcast to find out.

28 April 2022

#5 What are cryptocurrencies and what should I know before I invest?

Crypto can be complex so we break it down simply in this podcast and explore what exactly cryptocurrencies are, plus some things to consider before you invest.

31 March 2022

#4 Scams and high-risk investments

Scams are the digital equivalent of someone breaking into your home and stealing your money and possessions. In this podcast, Jess talks to colleagues Charlotte and Guy about scams and high-risk investments.

03 March 2022