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How FSCS has helped customers through a difficult year

We catch up with FSCS Chief Operating Officer Jimmy Barber during England’s ‘second lockdown’ to look back at FSCS’s performance during a challenging year.

26 November 2020

FSCS Outlook

Outlook is FSCS’s industry newsletter, containing our latest news and levy updates. Here you can read the most recent issue, and browse back issues from the past five years.

25 November 2020

Prevention is better than cure: an update on our Prevent work

FSCS Policy Manager Josh Rendall gives an update on the work we've done recently as part of our Prevent strategy.

20 November 2020

How often do you talk about money?

FSCS Chief Executive Caroline Rainbird explains why it's so important that we open up and talk about money, as part of MaPS’ Talk Money Week.

09 November 2020

Full recovery: FSCS closes the book on the 2008 banking crisis

We've just had the final recovery payment from the 2008 banking crisis through the administration of Heritable Bank. Here we explain the vital role that recoveries play.

21 September 2020