Icesave update: ISA Reinstatement Certificates

25th February 2009

By the first week of March FSCS will have sent all Icesave ISA customers their Reinstatement Certificates. The certificates allow customers with Icesave ISA's to keep the tax-free status of the money and reinvest it with another provider, as long as it is done by 5 April 2009.

The majority of customers will have already received a certificate, but over the next week FSCS will be sending any remaining ISA certificates out. This includes a small minority of people who needed their certificates re-sent.

Anyone who has not received a Reinstatement Certificate by 5 March 2009 should call our helpline on 020 7892 7300. Alternatively if you have an enquiry regarding your certificate you can email

Please note that FSCS will be unable to re-issue reinstatement certificates after the first week of March 2009.