Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims

29th September 2009

When we receive a completed PPI claim Application Form, we have to obtain information from third parties to help in our assessment. Sometimes this can slow things down, but we are working closely with these third parties to keep delays to a minimum and are already making payments on some claims.

It is essential that claimants provide us with as much relevant information as possible when submitting their claim. For example, you may have changed your loan or PPI policy arrangements since making your claim and we will need details of these changes. Even after submitting your claim we would welcome any subsequent information you feel may be relevant.

Our aim is to deal with claims within 6 months of receiving a completed Application Form, or declaring the advising firm to be in default, whichever is later. Unfortunately, some claims are now outside of this 6 month target, but please be assured we are doing everything we can to resolve all claims as quickly as possible.

We will contact you on completion of your claim, or if we have any questions. If you want any further information in the meantime please don't hesitate to contact us.