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What if my bank just exists online?

FSCS protects your money held in all authorised UK banks, even if they don't have any branches. Our protection applies no matter what type of bank you choose.

17 September 2020

Ask these key questions to make sure your money is protected

Arm yourself with these essential questions to ask your provider so you know what FSCS protection is available before you choose a financial product or service.

04 September 2020

E-money and prepaid accounts – why doesn’t FSCS protect my money?

Following the Wirecard suspension, we explain why e-money (electronic money) isn’t something FSCS protects and explain how to check your money is safe.

03 July 2020

If your bank fails...

FSCS protects up to £85,000 of your money. Emma McAllister explains how this works in practice.

10 June 2020

FSCS allocation of claims regarding IFAs and SIPP operators

When customers suffer losses as a result of failed investments made via aSIPP there are often a number of different firms which may be liable for some or all of those losses.

06 March 2020