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News on firms that have failed or that are under investigation. Some firms have their own dedicated pages which you can find on our Find firms page - click the tab at the top of the page.

FSCS declares 11 firms in default

Consumers could get back money they have lost as a result of dealings with any of the 11 failed financial firms that FSCS declared in default in March 2018.

16 April 2018

South Tyneside Credit Union Limited (trading as First For Money Credit Union): FSCS to protect over 3,700 members

FSCS will protect members of South Tyneside Credit Union Limited. The credit union has stopped trading, is now in default and cannot repay its 3,756 members.

04 April 2018

Consumers could be in line for compensation after FSCS declares 24 firms in default

FSCS declared 24 companies in default during January and February 2018. Customers could be entitled to compensation – read all the details here.

16 March 2018

North East Scotland Credit Union goes out of business: FSCS to protect over 2700 members

FSCS has stepped in to protect members of North East Scotland Credit Union Limited, which has stopped trading and is now in default. This means the credit union cannot repay deposits to its 2783 members.

27 February 2018

Customers of Active Wealth (UK) Ltd may be entitled to compensation from FSCS

FSCS is preparing to declare Active Wealth (UK) Ltd in default. Customers may be entitled to claim compensation through FSCS – read all the details now.

15 February 2018